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Announcer Alterations #6: Greg Sharpe-Nebraska Cornhuskers

posted by Logan Anderson March 3, 2016 1 Comment

Part of becoming a great broadcaster is having a great vocabulary and finding ways to vary your verbs and nouns. That is why a regular feature on this site will be “Announcer Alterations” where we take short clip of pre-existing play-by-play synced to video and come up with five different ways to call the same sequence of events.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and today I will pay homage to the radio voice of Husker Football, Greg Sharpe.

Here is the original verbiage:
Third and 14 from the one. Back to throw is Armstrong. Has some time. Looks. Guns deep down field he’s got a man wide open! Quincy Enunwa makes the catch at the 45. Stays on his feet! He’s gonna go! Thirty, Twenty, fifteen, ten, five! Touchdown Nebraska! The Huskers have just went Ninety…Nine…Yards!

And here are 5 different ways to make the same call:

Third and 14 from the one. Armstrong takes the snap and a deep drop. Near the back of the end zone. Heaves it deep down the left side. Snared from the sky by Enunwa at the 45. Bounces off a tackler and he’s off to the races. Thirty, Twenty, Ten, Touchdown Nebraska! A 99 yard explosion for the Huskers!

Third and 14 from the wrong goal line. Armstrong under center. Seven step drop. Sends one into orbit down the left sideline…and it comes down in the hands of Quincy Enunwa! Breaks a tackle at the 45 between the numbers and the sideline and he breaks free! Thirty, Twenty, Ten, and ring ’em up. A 99 yard dagger from Armstrong to Enunwa!

Third and 14 from the shadow of the goal line. Drops into his own end zone. Steps up and lofts a rainbow spiral down the far sideline! Snared by Enunwa at the 45! Pinballs off the one man who could make the tackle. Thirty, Twenty, Ten, and Enunwa coasts into the end zone for the 99 yard score. The Huskers stick a dagger in the Bulldogs.

Less than a yard from the Georgia Goal line, it’s third and 14 for the Huskers. Armstrong collects the snap. Takes his drop. Looking. Rifles it downfield, it’s complete at the 45 to Enunwa! Refuses to go down and he breaks away! Thirty, Twenty, Ten, and Enunwa glides in uncontested for six! A 99 yard statement for the Huskers!

Third and 14, Nebraska backed against their own goal line. Armstrong barks his cadence and takes the snap. Deep drop. Steps into a rocket down the left side and finds its target at the 45! Enunwa slips a tackle and nobodys gonna catch him! Thirty, Twenty, Ten, and Enunwa cruises in for the score. A 99 yard shot to the heart by Nebraska!

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Lee March 3, 2016 at 4:25 am

The last two we’re the better ones


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