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EP 123: Adam St. Paul, Aberdeen SD

posted by Logan Anderson July 30, 2020 0 comments
Adam St. Paul, Aberdeen SD

This episode features my conversation with former coworker Adam St. Paul from Dakota Broadcasting in Aberdeen, SD. We relive stories from our time working together, including:

  • The Homecoming Fiasco: How it taught us to be careful in our criticism of high school athletes.
  • The Phone Line Heist: Always make sure to prepare the logistical aspects of a broadcasts.
  • Ask And You Shall Receive: The one time that complaining about a broadcast situation on air actually paid off. Also we talk about being involved in the communities you call games in.
  • Check The Map: The time we went to the wrong town for a co-op school basketball game.
  • Broken Wings: Getting on the bad side of a hockey team that went two months without a win.
  • International Man Of Mystery: The pros and cons of using a different on air name.
  • Who’s The Home Team?: The time a team switched into another teams uniforms at the last second and how to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Grinnell Ball: The time Adam filled in for me covering one of the most unique teams in the country and why you should always watch film if it’s available.
  • White Wedding: Getting married on a Friday during football season.
  • Dirty Coach Speak: The time a prominent coach said a naughty word during an interview with Adam.
  • The satisfaction of being the big fish in the small pond.
  • Fight For Your Right: Getting screwed out of winning a 1980’s costume contest.
  • Other broadcast horror stories.
  • His favorite broadcasters (And the time I unknowingly borrowed one of those people’s Kayaks).

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