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EP 129: Guest Host Bill Hupp With Callum Williams of Minnesota United

posted by Logan Anderson November 27, 2020 0 comments
Bill Hupp w/ Callum Williams

This episode is guest hosted by Bill Hupp, a freelance broadcaster in the Twin Cities. He visits with the play-by-play voice of the Minnesota United of the MLS. Topics of discussion include:

  • When the broadcasting bug first bit.
  • Why he loves the business of sports broadcasting.
  • The importance of the support from his parents while chasing the dream.
  • Getting his first big break with the BBC.
  • The importance of going beyond your education to build practical experience.
  • The importance of versatility while climbing through the industry.
  • The differences in broadcast accommodations from the Premier League from the lower leagues.
  • When a guy next to him vomited all over the press box as he was on the air.
  • Finding and developing his voice.
  • Why he doesn’t believe that emphasis on voice is backward thinking.
  • The growth of the MLS as a league.
  • Getting his first MLS break in Kansas City, despite not knowing where Kansas City was.
  • Balancing using British terminology that are potentially unfamiliar to an American audience.
  • Challenges of broadcasting during a pandemic.
  • A few fun broadcast horror stories.

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