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EP 128: Guest Host Eric Little with Jay Burnham of UMass

posted by Logan Anderson November 13, 2020 0 comments
Guest Host Eric Little w/ Jay Burnham of UMass

Eric Little guest hosts and visits with Jay Burnham who broadcasts for UMass and VCU. He also spent 16 years as an MiLB broadcaster. Topics of discussion include:

  • Eric Little introduces himself and says nice things about the SayTheDamnScore Podcast.
  • He introduces Jay Burnham and discusses the importance of his wife in his sportscasting journey.
  • The weird parts of bringing football back this fall.
  • How the birth of streaming and cold call emails helped him to get involved in the sportscasting business.
  • Paying his dues by working in baseball without getting any broadcasting reps.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect a meteoric rise through the business.
  • The difficulty of making the jump from independent ball to affiliated ball.
  • Building rapport with broadcasters in a competitive situation.
  • Balancing improving as a broadcaster with being a team player for your employer.
  • How to steal from other broadcasters while staying authentic.
  • Being your own harshest critic.
  • The difficulty of networking and why making friends is more important than just about anything else.
  • The value of being diverse in your ability to call many sports.
  • What do listeners actually care about?
  • When to say the score on TV and streaming.
  • The difficulty of transitioning between radio and TV.
  • Being unique and reading haiku’s at the end of his games.
  • His favorite craft beer cities.
  • His broadcast horror stories.

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