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EP 104: Matt Cundill, Sound Off Podcast

posted by Logan Anderson November 21, 2019 0 comments
Matt Cundill, Sound Off Podcast

In this episode I visit with Matt Cundill. Matt is a former major market radio PD, a radio consultant, and host of the Sound Off Podcast. Topics of discussion include:

His brief play-by-play stint doing hockey in Canada.

The path he took to become a program director.

Why he still owns an actual radio, even though he doesn’t use it.

What radio stations will look like in the future, if they still exist.

The listening habits of Millennials and Gen Z and why engagement in radio is so low.

The rise of the connected car.

What needs to happen to get better leadership throughout the industry to improve the industry.

How breaking into the industry has changed.

The importance of sports to the survival of radio.

Why getting fired inspired him starting the popular Sound Off Podcast.

The tension between old school podcasters and radio podcasters.

How he’s made his podcast profitable.

Building a podcast audience.

His favorite podcast guests.

What makes a great interview?

How to maximize conference attendance.

Developing a successful voice over business.

How to find voice over work.

Ethics in voice over work.

Stories from years as a hockey referee.

His favorite broadcasters to listen to.

And much more!

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