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EP 051: Larry Weir, Eastern Washington

posted by Logan Anderson November 9, 2017 0 comments
      EP 051 Larry Weir Eastern Washington final

In this conversation I chat with the long time voice of Eastern Washington Football and Basketball, Larry Weir. We dive into numerous topics including:

  • Doing play-by-play for imaginary teams in our heads while shooting hoops.
  • How his uncle’s neighbor got him hooked up with his very first job through an extremely unlikely series of events.
  • Why he believes getting experience is more important than a college degree but still regrets not getting his degree.
  • How he developed work ethic and mental toughness growing up on a farm.
  • His path to becoming the voice of Eastern Washington.
  • The difficulty of switching from radio to TV.
  • The difficult situation of losing the rights to EWU hoops for two years.
  • Why a gold rush in Nevada steered him back to Eastern Washington.
  • Never missing a broadcast in 25 years.
  • The keys to keeping your voice healthy.
  • Battling the urge to go to the bathroom during a broadcast.
  • Finding time to broadcast high school games in between college games.
  • His system of finding information in newspapers.
  • The challenges of broadcasting a game on Eastern Washington’s red inferno turf.
  • Why being a poor networker has held him back from climbing the sportscasting ladder.
  • Being pranked by Eastern Washington players.
  • How he has learned new technology as it has evolved.
  • Broadcast horror stories from a long career.
  • Why he yelled at a mascot who almost disconnected his broadcast equipment.
  • His prep process for football  and basketball and why he doesn’t use spotting boards.
  • What he does to get better.
  • Who his favorite broadcasters to listen to on a free night are.
  • and much more!

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