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EP 150: Travis Justice, TV, Radio, and Podcaster in Omaha & Des Moines

posted by Logan Anderson March 13, 2024 0 comments

In this episode I visit with Travis Justice the long time TV, radio, and podcast personality in Omaha, NE & Des Moines, IA. Topics of discussion include:

  • Filling the broadcast void as a freelancer despite retiring from the business full time.
  • Working remotely before it was popular.
  • Why he chose to go to Grand View College in Des Moines instead of enlisting in the military.
  • Realizing that my high school history teacher was his best friend in high school.
  • Discovering that we both got our start in radio in neighboring towns.
  • The importance of getting pre-college reps for his career.
  • Reminiscing about a time when an FCC license was required to go on the radio.
  • How getting fired for fighting his boss led to get a sports director job in Omaha.
  • Developing the chops to be a sports director on the job.
  • How not signing a contract led to a significant raise.
  • The importance of owning your own intellectual property.
  • The future of over the air terrestrial radio.
  • The importance of local talent for local radio.
  • The time his radio station changed formats and fired everyone, only to change back and rehire everyone two days later.
  • Prepping for a talk show without living in the market.
  • Why he rarely has coaches or beat writers on his show.
  • Being harsh on Husker football in a market where few others are.
  • Starting a call in show on TV the year a popular head coach got fired.
  • Some of the weirdest calls and interviews he’s experienced.
  • Getting chased out of an arena by the wife of former Wichita State Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall.
  • How being denied the opportunity to cover the Heisman Trophy when he was already on the East Coast led to the decision to leave TV full time.
  • Starting a podcast where people send them beer to drink on air.
  • His advice to build a podcast audience.
  • The importance of quality audio for podcasts.
  • Creating a podcast that helped him get his Italian vacations comped.
  • His broadcast horror story.
  • What about sportscasting brings him joy.
  • His favorite broadcasters to watch or listen to.

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