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EP 114: Ian Eagle (Round Two) Brooklyn Nets & CBS

posted by Logan Anderson April 9, 2020 0 comments
Ian Eagle, Brooklyn Nets & CBS Sports.

Our second conversation with Ian Eagle the voice of the Brooklyn Nets. He also is a network broadcaster for CBS and Westwood One. Topics of discussion include:

His quarantine activities.

His attempt at growing a quarantine beard.

Has he seen Tiger King yet?

The last thing he left the house for.

Why he’s not anti social media but does not personally go on social media.

Having his son as a NBA broadcasting peer.

What it’s like being in the Jack Buck role.

How growing up as the son of two entertainers effected his broadcast style.

How he helps his analysts to shine during his broadcasts.

His famous “Jubilation in Newark” call.

Embracing unique observations in his calls.

Organizing his schedule to properly prepare for numerous games in short amounts of time.

The way gathering information has changed since he started in the business.

Hosting a show with Tommy John called Bagels and Baseball.

Being anti-condiment and some of his quirky eating habits.

When he’s able to explore the cities he visits for work.

Why he no longer travels with the team.

The only time he’s almost missed a game due to travel delays.

The updates or lackĀ  thereof that he gets from the NBA.

Why staying positive is the best way for up and coming sportscasters to get through this tough time.

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