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EP 064: Taking A Leap Of Faith

posted by Logan Anderson May 10, 2018 0 comments
      EP 64: Taking A Leap Of Faith

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Episode 64 is unique in the history of the show. Usually I have a detailed conversation with another sportscaster about their career, their story, and their path through this crazy industry. This time I recorded four conversations about the latest twist in my career, the decision to leave a full time job to move to a major market and chase higher level sportscasting work. The conversations are with my wife Sarah , CEO of STAA Jon Chelesnik, Owner of Barrett Sports Media and sportsradiopd.com Jason Barrett, and up and coming freelance broadcaster Brendan Gulick.

Topics Of Discussion With Sarah Anderson:

  • When she understood that being with a sportscaster meant being willing to move.
  • Her initial reaction to the idea of moving to a major market to be around more sportscasting opportunities.
  • The most difficult part of the process of making our move.
  • The difficulty of leaving our comfort zone.
  • Why the timing is right for this move.
  • Why she won’t be resentful for moving if things get hard.
  • The prospect of going on a honeymoom and coming back homeless and unemployed.

Topics Of Discussion With Jon Chelesnik:

  • Why and when he believes moving to a major market is a good idea.
  • What the worst case scenario could be and what opportunities to expect upon arriving.
  • Leveraging existing relationships to uncover opportunities.
  • Weighing pros and cons of Denver vs the Twin Cities as destinations.
  • How to uncover freelance opportunities.
  • Overcoming my fears of inadequacy.
  • Why a very supportive spouse or being single is key in making a move like this.
  • Comparing this decision to jumping out of an airplane.
  • Why talent trumps pedigree.

Topics Of Discussion With Jason Barrett:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of Denver vs Minneapolis from a PD’s perspective.
  • Being flexible and willing to take a step back to go forward.
  • The importance of being in a PD’s backyard.
  • What he likes and dislikes when it comes to cold calling PD’s.
  • Why 10 good minutes of audio is the best way to craft a demo.
  • Balancing being relentless and aggressive without being annoying.

Topics Of Discussion With Brendan Gulick:

  • Why he made a decision to leave Minor League baseball to move to a big market.
  • Finding freelance work to get a foot in the door with various companies.
  • The most difficult part about finding freelance work.
  • Handling financial challenges as a freelancer.
  • The advantage of flexibility.
  • Side hustles he’s had to do to pay the bills.
  • Why he never looks back to judge decisions.

At the end I announce what market we finally decided to move to!

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