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EP 055: Steve Cotton, Marshall University

posted by Logan Anderson January 4, 2018 0 comments
      EP 055: Steve Cotton, Marshall University

In this episode I chat with Steve Cotton, the radio voice of the Marshall Thundering Herd. Topics of discussion include:

  • He lifts up the curtain of what it’s like calling a bowl game.
  • Balancing work and fun when getting ready for a bowl game.
  • What it’s like broadcasting at very high altitude.
  • Why he was a fan of sports on the radio before he was a fan of sports.
  • Attending a one room school house.
  • How he developed his laid back?
  • Why he never went on the air until late in his college career.
  • Why he switched from an engineering major to a broadcasting major.
  • Winning an audition in college to go on the air with zero experience.
  • How going through every radio station in the yellow pages led to getting hired for his first professional job.
  • How the mentoring of Stan Cotten, the current Wake Forest broadcaster, helped him as a mentor.
  • Why he had to use a false name for his first few years at Marshall.
  • Why starting the same time at Marshall as Chad Pennington and Randy Moss helped to establish his reputation as a broadcaster.
  • Why he doesn’t like his call of Randy Moss’ famous touchdown reception vs Army.
  • The craziness of the Byron Leftwich broken leg game.
  • His favorite scenic sight in Michigan and how he developed wood carving as a hobby.
  • His preparation process.
  • How an electrical engineering background has helped him save his game broadcasts.
  • Some of his broadcast horror stories.
  • Why radio is especially important in rural environments.
  • Why a fan asked him to autograph a football also signed by Randy Moss, Chad Pennington and Bob Pruett.
  • Getting his name recognized in the drive thru.
  • How the tragic plane crash from the 70’s continues to connect Marshall with the community of Huntington.
  • HisĀ  broadcast confession.
  • What he does to continue to improve.
  • Who are his favorite broadcasters to listen to on a day off.

And much more!

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