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EP 151: Chris Lewis, CBS Sports

posted by Logan Anderson July 8, 2024 0 comments
My conversation with Chris Lewis of CBS Sports. Topics of discussion include:
  • How being an overnight success took a long time.
  • How teaching helped him survive the pandemic shutdown.
  • Using the pandemic shutdown to get in touch with broadcasting decision makers.
  • The players choosing to boycott during his first college football game.
  • Dealing with the pressure of an audition game.
  • Getting the break to start doing NFL games.
  • How the network supports their broadcasters.
  • The “extra stuff” involved in a network broadcast.
  • The whirlwind nature of the last year in his life including a wedding and a cross country move.
  • Communicating the potential relationship stumbling blocks with his wife.
  • The reasoning behind leaving Boise.
  • Winning the Idaho State Sportscaster of the Year.
  • Weird questions about the CBS blue blazer.
  • Making the jump From radio to TV.
  • Covering Olympic table tennis from a monitor in Connecticut.
  • How they find correct pronunciations for difficult foreign names of Olympic athletes.
  • Becoming a spokesperson for black play-by-play voices during 2020.
  • Handling the fact that some people may view him as a token hire.
  • What’s new on Chef Lewis’ menu?
  • The continued hope of eventually calling an NBA game.
  • Learning how to maximize having an industry agent.
  • Improving his voice over time.
  • The importance of voice as a separator at the highest level.
  • His new broadcast horror stories.
  • Using colored pencils to color code his stats instead of multicolored pens.
  • His favorite broadcasters to listen to or watch.

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