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EP 135: Gerald Sanchez, Legacy Sports Network Owner

posted by Logan Anderson February 23, 2021 0 comments
Gerald Sanchez, Legacy Sports Network

In this episode we discuss how to create your own opportunities as a sportscasting entrepreneur with Gerald Sanchez, the owner of the Legacy Sports Network in the Houston metro. Topics of discussion include:

  • Catching the radio itch at 5 years old.
  • The two Houston broadcasters who influenced his style.
  • How the legendary Houston Cougar Phi Slamma Jamma squad led to him attending Houston University instead of a more traditional powerhouse broadcasting factory.
  • How getting a part time radio job in high school helped him get on the air right away at Houston.
  • The eight year process that landed his NCAA D1 women’s basketball gig.
  • Big time players who he called games for in high school.
  • The reason he took the plunge into becoming both an entrepreneur.
  • Why he thinks streaming is the future as opposed to terrestrial radio.
  • Why he wasn’t concerned with the risk of going out on his own.
  • Starting as an audio streaming service and why he’s transitioning to video.
  • How the pandemic accelerated the adoption of streaming at local schools.
  • The challenges of selling sponsorships during a pandemic.
  • Setting your startup budget.
  • How long it took to become profitable in his business.
  • His cold call techniques.
  • The equipment and software he uses for his streaming business.
  • How he finds and schedules broadcasters.
  • Picking schools and creating a win win situation with the schools.
  • How baseball great Craig Biggio influenced the success of his first partner school.
  • Avoiding competition with booster clubs.
  • Promoting his streaming broadcasts.
  • Setting sponsorship rates.
  • The disadvantages of going out on your own.
  • Teaching himself the accounting and administrative side of the business.
  • The best piece of advice for someone trying to start their own streaming business.
  • Why quality is more important than quantity.
  • His broadcast horror story.

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