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EP 136: Rob Hipp, Sam Houston State

posted by Logan Anderson January 13, 2022 0 comments
Rob Hipp, Sam Houston State

In this episode I visit with Robb Hipp, the voice of Sam Houston State. He has a long and winding path and has succeeded in the business without a traditional broadcasting education. Topics of discussion include:

  • Why he was a late bloomer getting into radio and all of the unique jobs he had before finding his passion.
  • How always looking for open doors and some scary medical advice helped him move into broadcasting.
  • How a chance meeting at a bar with San Antonio Spurs play-by-play man Bill Schoening influenced his career.
  • Naming his first sports business on a restaurant napkin.
  • Developing the idea for “Broadcast in a Box.”
  • Starting his own online radio station.
  • His thoughts on the future of terrestrial radio.
  • Finding the content to fill your own online radio station.
  • Developing a sales package and ad traffic system.
  • Learning how to promote, market, and build an audience.
  • Landing a D1 position with Sam Houston State.
  • How he made his resume stand out from the crowd.
  • Keys to organizing his time.
  • Knowing the time to pivot and take a risk.
  • Learning when to say no to opportunities.
  • A health scare that led to healthy eating habits and a lifestyle change.
  • Keeping a healthy relationship with his significant other with his crazy schedule.

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