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EP 074: Traug Keller, ESPN Senior Vice President

posted by Logan Anderson September 26, 2018 0 comments
      EP 074 Traug Keller SVP ESPN

Episode 74 features a conversation with Traug Keller, a Senior Vice President at ESPN. Topics of discussion include:

  • How delivering newspapers became his entrance to the media business.
  • The value of a liberal arts education.
  • How a psychology background helps him to lead employees.
  • How not having a job led to him getting into media sales.
  • Learning to recognize great content despite never having been on the air.
  • Turning down advice to go to grad school to get from print to radio.
  • The importance in having sales knowledge when he makes new on-air hires.
  • Why the timing of his career jump to ESPN happened at the most exciting and interesting time possible.
  • The future of terrestrial radio.
  • The first time he heard the word podcast and ESPN’s early adoption of the medium.
  • Why he thinks it’s harder to get into the audio business then it was in the past.
  • Why many local radio markets are thriving.
  • His broadcast horror story of having a cow in the studio during a Mike and Mike show.
  • Hiring the smartest people he can and getting out of the way.
  • His favorite Non-ESPN podcasts to listen to.
  • His experience working with the great Paul Harvey.
  • Paul Harvey saying no to potential sponsors.

And much more!

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