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EP 056: Brad Sham, Dallas Cowboys

posted by Logan Anderson January 18, 2018 0 comments
      EP 056: Brad Sham, Dallas Cowboys

In this episode I chat with the longtime radio broadcaster for the Dallas Cowboys, Brad Sham:

  • The advantage of starting out as a broadcaster in high school.
  • Going into the National Guard instead of going to work out of college.
  • What he learned from the military that helps him as a broadcaster.
  • Starting the very first call-in show in the history of the Dallas market.
  • Why ignorance can be bliss early in a broadcasting career.
  • The breaks he received that landed him with the Dallas Cowboys flagship station.
  • How a surprise visit from his father kept him from quitting the broadcast industry.
  • Working with the legendary Verne Lundquist?
  • Learning how to “fake it til’ you make it.”
  • What he still listens for in his work to improve his broadcasts.
  • What’s special about broadcasting the Super Bowl.
  • Why he left the Cowboys for three years to broadcast baseball with the Texas Rangers.
  • Covering the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
  • Working with John Madden in his only ever radio broadcast.
  • Covering the two network #1 football analysts, Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, while they played for the Cowboys.
  • Covering controversy going on with your team.
  • How his prep process has evolved over 39 years as a broadcaster.
  • Who are a few broadcasters he likes to listen to on an off week.

And much more!


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