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EP 107: Pat Hughes, Chicago Cubs

posted by Logan Anderson January 2, 2020 0 comments

My conversation with Pat Hughes, the radio voice of the Chicago Cubs. Topics of discussion include:

The influence of legendary Bay Area broadcasters Lon Simmons, Bill King, and Russ Hodges influenced his desire to dive into sportscasting.

How he learns from other broadcasters without copying what they do.

What he still does to get better.

His style of working unique storytelling elements into his broadcasts.

How trying to keep an audience during bad games and bad seasons helped him become a better storyteller.

How listening to a famous Jack Buck call led to him developing a side project producing tribute CD’s for legendary broadcaster.

Funny stories from working with Bob Uecker, Al McGuire, Harry Caray, and Ron Santo.

Building chemistry with broadcast partners with big personality.

Why he didn’t plan out his World Series clinching call in 2016.

The importance of keeping himself in control during big moments.

Dealing with the scary moments that lead to four throat surgeries.

Being happy that his throat surgeon was not a baseball fan.

Taking care of his voice after the surgery.

The rock star who introduced him to throat coat tea.

Who calls him by his actual first name.

The unique aspects of having his own bobblehead.

What awards mean for him.

His broadcast horror story.

His favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.

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