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EP 049: Wyatt Thompson, Kansas State

posted by Logan Anderson October 12, 2017 0 comments
      EP 049: Wyatt Thompson, Kansas State

In this episode I chat with the voice of the Kansas State Wildcats, Wyatt Thompson. We talk about topics including:

  • Why he changed his major from animal science to broadcast journalism.
  • How he made the decision to skip out on his final two years of college to get real world experience.
  • The influence that growing up on a farm had in instilling his strong work ethic.
  • How listening to legends like Jack Buck and Harry Caray helped him fall in love with sportscasting.
  • The importance of taking opportunities, even if you don’t think you’re ready.
  • The importance of mentors.
  • His path from small town Kansas, to Colorado, and back to Kansas.
  • How he built the connections that led to his success.
  • Becoming a color commentator at the NCAA DI level when his experience was in play-by-play.
  • What he talked about in his first conversation with Bill Snyder.
  • The remarkable effect that Bill Snyder had on K-State and the entire state of Kansas.
  • Earning the trust of Bill Snyder and coaches in general.
  • How to develop chemistry with analysts.
  • Traveling around Kansas with the Cat Backer Club Tour.
  • How to balance work with family life in sportscasting.
  • His philosophy on social media.
  • Dealing with the firing of coaches who are your friends.
  • What he does 40+ years into his career to continue to get better.
  • His favorite places to call games.
  • His preparation process.
  • His favorite broadcasters to listen to.
  • What it’s like being the guy following a popular broadcaster who was forced out due to a rights change.
  • And much more!

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