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EP 044: Marc Zumoff, Philadelphia 76ers TV

posted by Logan Anderson August 2, 2017 1 Comment
      EP 044: Marc Zumoff, Philadelphia 76rs TV

This episode I’m joined by Marc Zumoff, the TV voice of the Philadelphia 76ers. We cover numerous sportscasting topics including:

  • How he used TV static as crowd noise as a kid calling pretend games.
  • His break into the business and the path he followed to success.
  • The importance of being in the right spot and being available in the job market.
  • Using soccer broadcasting as a springboard to the NBA.
  • The experience and honor of calling sled hockey for disabled veterans.
  • Why he didn’t graduate from college until 15 years into his career.
  • Working with analysts and the truth about the famous incident with Eric Snow where he allegedly fell asleep.
  • The experience of calling women’s basketball at the Rio Olympics.
  • The difference between calling men’s and women’s basketball.
  • Calling games during “The Process” when the front office was openly trying to tank.
  • Why he considers himself more of a ticket sales person than a journalist.
  • He tells Allen Iverson stories.
  • How we literally wrote the book on sportscasting when he published the book “Total Sportscasting” with Max Negin.
  • Why he loves calling games on TV but still misses radio.
  • The importance of being spontaneous in a broadcast.
  • Why he joined the podcast space with “Zoo’s Views.”
  • His personal broadcast horror stories.
  • His favorite sportscasters to listen to.
  • Whether he, a Jewish man, is making a statement without making a statement, by working with Muslim analyst Alaa Abdelnaby.
  • The keys to a successful marriage while balancing a demanding sportscasting schedule.
  • And much more!

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