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EP 060: Dave Snell, Bradley University Basketball

posted by Logan Anderson March 15, 2018 0 comments
      EP 060: Dave Snell Bradley Basketball

In this episode I talk with Dave Snell, the voice of Bradley University. He’s been at it for 39 years and shares his thoughts on a myriad of broadcasting topics including:

  • Why he annoys people when he watches a game as a spectator.
  • How his fan-dom has been effected by being in broadcasting.
  • The reasons he doesn’t read message boards and social media comments.
  • He talks about how to be critical without being overly negative.
  • Being part of the Phoenix Suns front office as a young professional and witnessing Pete Maravich score 50+ points.
  • How he went back from Phoenix to become the voice of the Bradley Braves in Peoria, IL.
  • What being part of the incredible heritage of elite broadcasters at Bradley means to him.
  • The ability to do impressions and how he pretended to be his color analyst for an entire game.
  • Accomplishing the impressive feat of broadcasting 1,214 games and the time the streak was almost ended.
  • We talk about his love of the Beatles and his desire to go to London.
  • The challenges of being colorblind as a broadcaster.
  • Memories from Bradley’s Sweet 16 run in 2006.
  • Broadcasting Jim Les as both a player and a coach for Bradley.
  • Handling the firing of a coach who is also a personal friend.
  • Naming the Bradley mascot after his slam dunk catch phrase, Kaboom!
  • How a chance meeting with Harry Caray helped his career.
  • A few of his favorite broadcast horror stories.
  • Who his favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off night are.
  • Why he loves to give back to younger broadcasters.

And Much More!

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