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EP 130: Guest Host John Thayer With Matt Coatney

posted by Logan Anderson December 10, 2020 0 comments
John Thayer with Matt Coatney

This week features John Thayer, the voice of the University of South Dakota Coyotes, as a guest host. He visits with Matt Coatney, the women’s basketball hoops voice of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Topics of discussion include:

  • The challenges of covering college football during a pandemic.
  • The importance of understanding medical terminology surrounding Covid 19 to help inform fans.
  • How Covid 19 and politics have affected his social media presence.
  • Learning to live with Covid 19 as a sportscaster.
  • Broadcast changes that may continue after the pandemic.
  • The moment in 7th grade where he knew he wanted to get into broadcasting.
  • How a cable company rule requiring educational content led to play-by-pay reps as a high schooler.
  • His first breaks in the business as a professional.
  • Becoming a NCAA DI broadcaster at age 20.
  • Thinking that his broadcast career was over when he moved to Nebraska for his wife.
  • Taking advantage of a chance meeting with the Nebraska women’s basketball coach.
  • Getting rewarded with a special season early in his tenure with Husker wbb.
  • Why he loves broadcasting women’s basketball.
  • Handling covering a team after a coaching scandal occurred.
  • Why he doesn’t consider himself part of the media as a play-by-play broadcaster.
  • The time a casual conversation with a newspaper reporter ended up as front page news.
  • Hosting the Husker football pre/post and halftime show.
  • Handling crazy callers on the Husker post game reaction show.
  • When is the right time to challenge a caller?
  • Coming up with his signature “You Betcha” three point call.
  • How he and his analyst make each other better.

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