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EP 058: Ian Eagle, Brooklyn Nets & CBS

posted by Logan Anderson February 15, 2018 1 Comment
      EP 058: Ian Eagle, Brooklyn Nets & CBS

This episode of the SayTheDamnScore Podcast is one of the best! I chat with Ian Eagle, the TV voice of the Brooklyn Nets and the number two network football  broadcaster for CBS. We talk about a wide variety of broadcast topics including:

  • Why was going to the Syracuse broadcast factory the right college decision for his career?
  • How tough is it to get live reps at the Newhouse School?
  • The influence of Marv Albert and Bob Costas on his development.
  • Working his personality and humor into a broadcast in an effective manner.
  • What he learned from a moment when an inside joke between him and Mike Fratello went wrong.
  • Getting his first job as a producer at legendary sports station WFAN in New York despite being told he would never be on the air.
  • How he eventually got on the air anyway.
  • How he was able to get the New Jersey, now Brooklyn Nets job at a young age.
  • How being in the right place at the right time helped him get his network job with CBS.
  • Learning how to broadcast boxing and the value of saying yes to opportunities.
  • How to improve your TV call as a radio broadcaster.
  • How much prep does he do and how much is provided for him.
  • How does he smoothly transition from one sport to another.
  • Roasting Bill Raftery for the pre-speech before he was inducted into the NSMA Broadcasting Hall of Fame.
  • Being the voice of the rebooted NBA Jam and what goes into being the play-by-play voice of a video game.

And much more!

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Lee February 15, 2018 at 4:13 pm

Sounds like Ian could teach at Syracuse


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