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EP 131: Neil Price, Mississippi State

posted by Logan Anderson December 23, 2020 0 comments
Neil Price, Mississippi State

My conversation with Neil Price, who’s the radio voice of Mississippi State football and men’s basketball. Topics of discussion include:

  • The truck ride with his dad that led to his passion for play-by-play.
  • Being the voice of a team he rooted against as a kid.
  • How his small town upbringing led to on air opportunities as early as middle school.
  • The value of a college degree in the broadcasting field.
  • The unusualness of the broadcasting career path.
  • Being fortunate enough to never have to take any odd jobs to supplement his play-by-play work.
  • His experience as an adjunct instructor.
  • How a friendship with a cheerleader in middle school led to a chain reaction that had great impact on his career.
  • The importance of being nice to everyone, not just those who can help us.
  • The influence of a broadcasting camp he attended during school.
  • The sequence of events that led to him getting a NCAA DI job right out of school.
  • Handling rejection as he searched for his dream job.
  • Turning his southern accent on and off depending on the situation.
  • Landing his current position at Mississippi State.
  • The importance of  a supportive spouse in navigating his sportscasting journey.
  • What was going through his head before his first Mississippi State game.
  • Selling his high school football experience to help him land the MSU job.
  • Why doing high school games well is actually more difficult than major college in some ways.
  • Being inducted into his high school hall of fame.
  • Sharing a name with a famous archaeologist.
  • His favorite Mike Leach stories.
  • His broadcast horror stories.

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