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EP 078: Cory Provus, Minnesota Twins

posted by Logan Anderson November 22, 2018 0 comments

Episode 78 features Cory Provus, the radio voice of the Minnesota Twins. Topics of discussion include:

      EP 078 Cory Provus Minnesota Twins
  • What he does in the weeks immediately following a grueling season.
  • Making a marriage work in this business.
  • Consciously trying to make up for being gone during his time off.
  • How the Chicago Cubs and Harry Carey influenced his decision to go into sportscasting.
  • Seeing his cousin, voice of the Dallas Cowboys, Brad Sham calling games growing up.
  • The influence of classic Chicago broadcasters on his career.
  • How he uses his ability to process information visually to memorize things.
  • Why going to Syracuse directly led to him getting his first broadcasting job.
  • The one negative of going to college at Syracuse.
  • Why the access to equipment at Syracuse helps to make a great demo tape.
  • Bill Roth’s influence on his career.
  • Why and how he always challenges himself to be more descriptive on the radio.
  • Dealing with rejection and disappointment.
  • Getting his first MLB break doing one inning during each game and the challenge of nailing the opportunity.
  • The eerily similar paths followed by him and his good friend Pat Hughes of the Chicago Cubs.
  • Adding personality to a broadcast.
  • Moving from Chicago to Milwaukee to take a job with the Brewers.
  • Making Major League references to Bob Uecker.
  • Reaching MLB without toiling for years in the minor leagues.
  • The events leading to becoming the voice of the Minnesota Twins, including a death threat from Bob Ueker.
  • When did he hire an agent.
  • His favorite broadcast horror stories.
  • What he still does to improve as a broadcaster.
  • Keeping it interesting while covering a losing team.
  • Dealing with bad umpiring.

And much more!

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