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EP 103: Quint Kessenich, ESPN

posted by Logan Anderson November 7, 2019 0 comments
Quint Kessenich, ESPN

In this episode I chat with Quint Kessenich of ESPN. Topics of discussion include:

  • He explains how despite being an elite athlete, he fell backwards into his sportscasting career.
  • Why lacrosse is growing so rapidly in popularity.
  • Deciding when to cater to hardcore fans while still educating viewers who are less familiar with the game.
  • Using terminology from other sports to describe lacrosse action.
  • The importance of communicating the “why” as an analyst on TV.
  • We talk often about building chemistry with analysts, but what can an analyst do to build chemistry with a play-by-play guy?
  • What he wants to know in advance from play-by-play guys as far as preparation and storylines are concerned.
  • Learning the deep strategies of sports he’s unfamiliar with.
  • He walks us through his personal preparation process.
  • How doing play-by-play makes him a better analyst and vice versa.
  • What makes a great sideline reporter.
  • Finding ways to not find redundant information that others on the broadcast team already have.
  • Picking his spots to make points as a sideline reporter.
  • What makes a great postgame or halftime question.
  • Dealing with prickly coaches during halftime and postgame interviews.
  • Why drawing out the attitude and state of mind of coaches on sideline interviews is sometimes as important as the actual information.
  • Getting good information from athletes after they’ve won a championship.
  • Running down interviews in postgame chaos.
  • The feedback system at ESPN.
  • How he builds spotting boards.
  • Getting involved with horse racing on a trip to New York to paint houses.
  • His broadcaster horror stories.
  • His favorite broadcasters to watch/listen to on an off day.

And much more!

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