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EP 073: Alan Horton, Minnesota Timberwolves

posted by Logan Anderson September 13, 2018 0 comments
      EP 073 Alan Horton Minnesota Timberwolves

This episode features Alan Horton, the voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Topics of discussion include:

  • Why the NBA offseason doesn’t necessarily mean time off.
  • Discovering his love of sportscasting as a college student.
  • The uniqueness of attending both a small liberal arts college for undergrad and grad school at Syracuse.
  • His interest in economics and political science.
  • Taking a few years off as a ski bum in Wyoming before pursuing a sportscasting career.
  • Following his girlfriend (now wife) to San Diego with no job or job prospects.
  • Working the phones to a foot in the door in a major market.
  • The one person who called back and gave him a chance.
  • Getting the break to broadcast San Diego State sports.
  • Doing one of the first streaming broadcasts.
  • The influence of Ted Leitner, the voice of the Padres, on his career.
  • When Tony Gwynn told him to Say The Damn Score!
  • Why being an excellent producer helped him get his first job in professional sports.
  • The sequence of events that led him to Minnesota.
  • The small differences in covering men’s and women’s pro basketball.
  • Adjusting a broadcast for a team having a bad season.
  • Using sound within his broadcasts.
  • Why he broadcasts game as a solo act.
  • His thoughts on his call that went viral criticizing NBA referee Ed Malloy.
  • Working odd jobs before making it big.
  • Developing the skills to be a great producer.
  • Keeping up with technological advances.
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • His preparation process.
  • What he does to continue to¬† improve.
  • Adjusting his broadcast style to match the pace of today’s game.

And much more!

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