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EP 072: Katie Emmer, Jim Nantz Award Winner

posted by Logan Anderson August 31, 2018 0 comments
      EP 072 Katie Emmer Jim Nantz Award Winner

In this episode we talk with Katie Emmer, a recent graduate of St. Cloud State in Minnesota and winner of the prestigious Jim Nantz Award for the best collegiate broadcaster in the country. She has an incredible future in this industry. Topics of discussion include:

  • Experiencing the NSMA Awards Banquet in Winston-Salem North Carolina.
  • Going through the judging process for the Jim Nantz Award.
  • Not answering her call from Jim Nantz.
  • Finishing six summer classes to graduate this summer.
  • Going to school in Hawaii for college before transferring back home to go to St. Cloud State in Minnesota.
  • Why she chose St. Cloud State to finish her sportscasting education.
  • When she realized broadcasting was in her future.
  • Being the middle child with six brothers.
  • Getting reps as a student broadcaster.
  • How early mistakes changed her preparation process.
  • Learning on ice reporting through trial by fire.
  • Dealing with coaches who don’t want to talk to reporters.
  • Developing a unique in game feature called “The Two Minute Minor.”
  • Keeping credibility while covering her friends and peers as a college student.
  • Learning to shoot a one timer and why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV!
  • Growing up with a father who is a politician and radio host.
  • What it meant to be the first female winner of the Jim Nantz Award.
  • Getting a video message from many of the most prominent women sports announcers in the business.
  • Why getting hit in the leg by a stray Joe Mauer throw was a great moment in her life.
  • Developing a relationship with Fox Sports North.
  • Getting information at batting practice.
  • What’s next in her career?
  • Developing versatility on TV and radio.
  • Feeling pressure to have a specific look that you see many other female sportscasters have.
  • Dealing with her Minnesota accent.
  • What’s unique about covering hockey?
  • Her broadcast horror stories.
  • The most difficult name she had to broadcast.
  • Her preparation process.
  • Her favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.
  • What she looks for when reviewing her own tape.

If you would like to see Katie’s demo material, here it is!

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