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EP 084: Michele Tafoya, NBC Sports

posted by Logan Anderson February 14, 2019 0 comments

Episode 84 features my conversation with Michele Tafoya of NBC Sports. She’s one of the best sideline reporters of all time and a pioneering woman in sportscasting. Topics of discussion include:

  • Her experience covering four different Super Bowls and how it’s not like any other game.
  • Finding the people she wants to interview on the crowded field after a Super Bowl.
  • Covering the Super Bowl in her home town of Minneapolis a year ago.
  • When she knew she wanted to go into journalism.
  • How she stumbled into sportscasting.
  • Landing her first job in Charlotte under the air name Mickey Conley.
  • Moving from Charlotte to the Twin Cities.
  • Making the decision to start in radio as a path to TV.
  • How she learned on the job how to be a great sideline reporter.
  • Stepping on Jim Nantz during a big call in the 1995 Fiesta Bowl.  (In which the Nebraska Cornhuskers pummeled Florida).
  • Making the jump from Twin Cities radio to working with the networks.
  • Jumping from CBS to ABC/ESPN.
  • How Al Michaels helped her land on Monday Night Football.
  • What makes Al Michaels great.
  • She explains what makes a great sideline reporter.
  • Learning how to self edit to become a better storyteller.
  • What of feedback she receives from her producer Fred Gaudelli at NBC.
  • Where she keeps her Emmy Awards.
  • Who makes the decision as to what stories are told on air.
  • Coming up with interview questions.
  • Her personal Greg Popovich stories.
  • Why she never identified herself as a “woman in a man’s world.”
  • Covering Gary Kubiak’s collapse on the field.
  • Being on the floor with Kevin Garnett when he shouted “Anything Is Possible!”
  • Why sending a thank you note led to her getting access to Michael Jordan.
  • Dealing with the elements on the sideline.
  • Deciding to quit her NBA work while watching her son at a pumpkin patch and balancing work and family.

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