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EP 069: Toby Rowland, Oklahoma Sooners

posted by Logan Anderson July 18, 2018 0 comments
      EP 069 Toby Rowland Oklahoma

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This episode features the radio voice of the Oklahoma Sooner, Toby Rowland. Topics of discussion include:

  • We wax poetic about the Nebraska vs Oklahoma rivalry.
  • Why a pivotal conversation with his father led him to changing from an accounting major to sportscasting in college.
  • Making the most of a small college education without a sportscasting program.
  • How listening to great broadcasters helped him avoid bad habits at the beginning of his career.
  • What he told Joe Castiglione, the AD at Oklahoma, to get the job over many industry heavyweights.
  • How a podcast with Vin Scully helped him learn how to tune out critics and trolls.
  • The surprising advice that legendary OU broadcaster Bob Barry gave him after he retired.
  • The importance of being likeable.
  • The moment that the job truly felt like his.
  • Getting his first break in the business as a television reporter.
  • How he kept his play-by-play sharp while being a TV reporter.
  • Becoming part of the OU broadcast team as a sideline reporter.
  • How to come up with good questions for the notoriously prickly Bob Stoops.
  • Climbing the ladder without ever leaving the Oklahoma City market.
  • What he would be doing if he hadn’t made it in sportscasting.
  • Why he gives away his spotting boards after every game.
  • How an employer blocking him from taking a job as sideline broadcaster for the OKC Thunder ended up being a blessing in disguise.
  • Strange callers on his call in show.
  • How he came up with the catch phrase “Oh Mama.”
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • He walks us through his prep process.
  • What he does to continue to improve as a broadcaster.
  • Who his favorite broadcasters to listen to are.

And much more!

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