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EP 139: Ashley Chase, St. Cloud Norsemen

posted by Logan Anderson March 10, 2022 0 comments
Ashley Chase: St. Cloud Norsemen, NAHL

My conversation with the voice of the NAHL’s St. Cloud Norsemen. She shares long and winding road to become the only female lead voice in U.S. Junior Hockey. Topics of discussion include:

  • How playing in the band led to her choice to attend Morningside College in Sioux City Iowa as a Pennsylvania native.
  • TheĀ  professor/mentor that nudged her into sports coverage.
  • The value of mentors who allow you to jump into sink or swim situations.
  • Developing the confidence to pursue sportscasting as a career.
  • Going into TV reporting and anchoring when play-by-play opportunities were not initially being offered.
  • Finding ways to get play-by-play reps when none were available.
  • Her take on whether gender prevented her from getting a play-by-play job early in her career.
  • The weird place in time where making a decision to send a demo via CD in theĀ  mail vs digitally was a thing.
  • Learning TV reporting skills with a radio background.
  • Presenting yourself as confident and competent even when you’re outside your comfort zone.
  • The things about being a TV reporter that help as a play-by-play broadcaster.
  • The importance of still bringing attention to women in sportscasting.
  • Being the first woman in the U.S. as a full time play-by-play voice in junior hockey.
  • The process of breaking the junior hockey glass ceiling.
  • The value of having experience on the business and media relations side of the industry.
  • What makes the job worth the sexism and abuse that women in the business inevitably receive.
  • How she defines sportscasting success.
  • A couple broadcast horror stories.

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