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EP 120: Steve Herz, President Of IF Management & Author Of “Don’t Take Yes For An Answer”

posted by Logan Anderson June 18, 2020 0 comments
Steve Herz, IF Management

In this episode I’m joined by Steve Herz, a sports media agent and President of IF Management. He recently published his first book “Don’t Take Yes For An Answer.” It is a great guide to developing self awareness and self improvement strategies. Topics of discussion include:

  • How he reacted after being told by an associate that he was a horrible associate and should quit law.
  • The importance of self awareness in your career advancement.
  • Finding the people to tell you about the spinach in your teeth.
  • How to filter real feedback from feedback from people trying to make you feel good.
  • The Importance of A.W.E. ¬†Authority, Warmth, and Energy.
  • Developing an authoritative voice.
  • The importance of dress and physical appearance in developing authority.
  • Developing the ability to have a warm presence.
  • Hear him coaching me on voice.
  • Ditching crutch phrases and connecting with people.
  • Connecting with people when you are the taker.
  • The importance of talking to everyone and how it connected him with Dan Shulman.
  • Finding talent in unusual places.
  • What his philosophy of broadcaster 2.0 means.
  • Can an agent solve your career problems?
  • When is the right time to seek representation?
  • Coming up with the name of his company IF Management from a Rudyard Kipling poem.
  • Being a great matchmaker for his friends to the point where he’s set up double digit relationships that ended in marriage.
  • Where he ranks on the Montag Group ping pong rankings.
  • Having a his name dropped on the highest rated episode of Friends of all time.

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