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EP 090: Jason Horowitz, Westwood One Sports-CBS Sports-Sirus XM

posted by Logan Anderson May 9, 2019 0 comments

This episode features my conversation with Westwood One Final Four studio host Jason Horowitz. Topics of discussion include:

  • Dealing with Twitter trolls.
  • How being on the ESPN reality show “Dream Job” opened career doors.
  • Getting his first job in New York City and being immediately under the microscope.
  • Learning to reel in his ego early in his career.
  • Pivoting his career path after not having a contract renewed.
  • Developing the skills to be a strong studio host.
  • Developing the detailed plan for a several hour long pregame show on Westwood One’s Final Four broadcast.
  • How a song from his “Happy Song List” helped him absorb the moment the day of his first Final Four broadcast.
  • Bringing a box of cereal to a 3:30pm production meeting and what his favorite breakfast cereal is.
  • His experience covering the Olympics and why he turned down a chance to be part of the Rio games.
  • Doing figure skating play-by-play at the Olympics.
  • Getting confused with another famous Jason Horowitz who covers the Vatican for the New York Times.
  • Creating chemistry with analysts and co-hosts.
  • Being a college roommate with Jason Benetti at Syracuse.
  • Turning down gigs to remain to spend time with his family.
  • His broadcast horror story.
  • His favorite broadcasters.

And much more!

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