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EP 088: Kevin Belbey, Montag Group

posted by Logan Anderson April 11, 2019 0 comments

New podcast conversation with Kevin Belbey, Director of Sports Broadcasting for The Montag Group. He’s a sports broadcasting agent who provides great insight into the broadcaster/agent dynamic. Topics of discussion include:

  • Going to the Newhouse School at Syracuse and realizing that sportscasting wasn’t going to be his future.
  • Why getting an agent isn’t a path to get out of a career rut.
  • Are there outliers to the above rule?
  • How sportscasting agents discover talent.
  • What attributes do they look for in up and coming talent?
  • What type of tape do you need to get TV work?
  • Can a radio demo tape land a TV job?
  • How much does production value matter in evaluating demos?
  • When is it time to get an agent?
  • Different tiers of agents.
  • How to avoid predatory agents.
  • Do you need an agent to succeed at the network level.
  • What is the cost of having an agent?
  • Building relationships with decision makers.
  • Negotiating with decision makers.
  • Unlikely places they have found talent.
  • Things up and coming talent should be doing to build their profiles.
  • What he looks for in on camera stand ups.
  • What’s more important, nailing big moments or being interesting during slow stretches?
  • The importance of physical appearance for network level jobs.
  • Is there a double standard judging appearance between male and female broadcasters?
  • Market value for different levels of broadcasting.
  • Being the General Manager for Boeheim’s Army.
  • How he rose through the agency ranks.
  • How they pursue free agent broadcasters.
  • The influence that the movie Jerry Maguire had on him.
  • His biggest agent horror story.

And much more!

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