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EP 119: SID’s Are A Broadcasters Best Friend W/ Paul Rovnak From Minnesota & Gene McGivern From St. Thomas

posted by Logan Anderson June 15, 2020 0 comments
Paul Rovnak U. of Minnesota & Gene McGivern U. of St. Thomas

In this episode I chat with two respected sports information professionals from different Twin Cities institutions. Paul Rovnak from the University of Minnesota and Gene McGivern from the University of St. Thomas. Topics of discussion include:

  • The unique paths one can take to be an SID.
  • The responsibilities of an SID at both the NCAA DI and DIII level.
  • The process of juggling numerous responsibilities.
  • Having different relationships with different levels of the media.
  • Things that broadcasters do that annoy SID’s.
  • Difficult names they’ve had to learn for their pronunciation guides.
  • What it takes to write strong game notes and press releases.
  • Being the bridge between coaches, athletes, and media.
  • Developing the knowledge necessary to work unfamiliar sports.
  • The challenges of preparing to make a potential change from DI to DIII.
  • Their SID horror stories.

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