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posted by Logan Anderson January 21, 2019 0 comments

Last week was a slow one calling games. I was originally scheduled for a DIII college game Wednesday and a high school game on Friday. The college game went off without a hitch, but on Friday as the snow began to fall, I was informed that the game was canceled due to weather.

With all the free time, I was able to relax, get to the gym a few times, and spend my birthday evening out on the town with my wife. In between having a little bit of fun, I was able to take the time to listen to several of my favorite broadcasters, including: Mike Grimm of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Matt Lepay of the Wisconsin Badgers, and Kevin Kugler of Westwood One. I particularly enjoy those three announcers because of their ability to utilize a wide variety of creative descriptions. Every time I listen to them, I find myself jotting down notes to add to my own personal glossary of terms.

As regular readers know, mastering the English language is one of my goals. While I have a LONG way to go, building a varied vocabulary has been an area of emphasis for me in my broadcasting career. With that in mind, I figured it was a great time to share my updated glossary of basketball terms. It now includes over 500 different ways to describe different basketball actions, floor geography, and more. Feel free to steal as much as you want from the list, and if you have any good ideas to contribute, I’m always looking for new terminology, so please share your suggestions in the comment section below.

Glossary Of Basketball Terms 


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