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EP 071: Greg Sharpe, Nebraska Football and Baseball

posted by Logan Anderson August 15, 2018 1 Comment
      EP 071 Greg Sharpe Nebraska Cornhuskers

Episode 71 features the voice of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Greg Sharpe. As a Nebraska native, Greg is one of my personal favorite broadcasters to listen to and am excited to share his story on the pod! Topics of discussion include:

  • Another example of a successful sportscaster knowing exactly what he wanted to do at a young age.
  • Getting on the air for the first time as a college student.
  • Calling a high school game as a college student featuring the great Barry Sanders.
  • How being a spotter for Mitch Holthus and playing country music helped him climb the professional ladder.
  • The importance of the mentorship of Kevin Harlan and Mitch Holthus as he grew in the business.
  • The advice he would give his daughters if they wanted to get into sportscasting.
  • The break that led to him getting his first major play-by-play job for the Kansas State Wildcats.
  • Calling K-State during the golden age of Wildcat athletics.
  • Losing the K-State play-by-play position because of a rights change.
  • Getting over the hurt feelings of a rights change.
  • What he did during the six years in the desert between Major College jobs.
  • The series of events that led to become the voice of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
  • Replacing a personal friend and avoiding hard feelings.
  • How Nebraska improving as he started his first full season made the transition easier.
  • Interviewing Bo Pelini, a fiery coach, after losses.
  • Dealing with a challenging situation when Bo Pelini was unknowingly recorded saying unflattering things about the fan base.
  • Switching broadcast loyalties from your alma mater to a conference rival.
  • Leaving a broadcast after pregame to drive to Lincoln for the birth of his third child.
  • Dealing with a three man booth in radio and the failing health Adrian Fiala, a beloved Nebraska Analyst.
  • Reeling in an opinionated color analyst.
  • Being confused for another area sportscaster Gary Sharp.
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • What he still does to improve as a broadcaster.

And much more!

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