Are You Ready For Some Football (And Other Fall Sports)

posted by Logan Anderson September 3, 2019 0 comments

Fall sports season is here! With respect to my baseball broadcasting brethren, this is the most exciting time of the year for broadcasters who specialize in fall and winter sports. It marks the end of summer break and a long awaited return to the broadcast booth!

This year for me, that brings the beginning of a new phase of my personal sportscasting career. We’ve rolled out our new streaming platform for Lakeville North High School here in the Twin Cities. So far we’ve covered two soccer games, a volleyball game, a football game, and the first episode of Panthers Live, which is our version of a coaches show.

It’s been mostly a smooth start to the season. We had a few minor glitches in our first soccer double header, which turned out to be a mistake I made that is easily fixable in the future. We are using students as camera operators, and that made me nervous initially, but the young man chosen by the school has been fantastic, and will only get better moving forward. If anyone is interested in checking it out feel free to visit!

Until then feel free to take advantage of these football broadcasting resources:

Football Glossary: My list of different descriptors for a wide range of football terminology. Useful in varying your vocabulary during games.

Spotting Boards: Everyone makes them differently. Here’s how I make mine. Do what works best for you.

STAA: Membership costs money, but Jon Chelesnik shares many great free resources on his site. Try picking up tips from his blog, see job postings on his forums, and find other great resources on…you guessed it…his resources link! This site hasn’t been updated in some time, but it features a large amount of evergreen resources to benefit sportscasters.

Have a great fall season!

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