Two Years Of SayTheDamnScore!

posted by Logan Anderson November 22, 2017 0 comments is two years old! Yes, if this site was a person it would be walking just well enough to careen into furniture and fall down, putting everything within arm’s reach in its mouth, and it would be just about time to start potty training!

In all seriousness, it’s crazy to look back and think that, what was initially supposed to be a vehicle to hold myself accountable for improving as a broadcaster, has become such a passion. I’ve published 128 blog posts, even though I was more or less out of ideas after post twelve. By the end of the week I’ll have published 52 podcast episodes, even though I was basically out of contacts after episode ten. Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with and build relationships with hundreds of sportscasters at all levels all across the country.

With that in mind, I wanted to take this moment to thank every single person who has clicked on a blog post or listened to a podcast. I had no idea that anyone would care about the sportscasting opinions of some random guy in South Dakota. I started this sight as a mostly selfish endeavor, but finding that I’ve actually been able to help others has been and continues to be the most rewarding aspect of operating this site.

So with all that in mind I wanted to take the time to share a couple fun stories from the short history of

  • When I made the decision to start this website, coming up with the right name was key. The two criteria being that the name would be immediately connected with sportscasting and that the URL was available for a low price. I went through several unmemorable ideas before landing on SayTheDamnScore. By this point I had purchased the URL and the designer had started construction of the basic layout of the website. My younger sister is a graphic designer and had volunteered to design my logo at no charge. It was after the first draft of logos that she said, “you know what the acronym for your site is don’t you?”. I stared blankly as she told me that the acronym was STDS. At this point it was too late to change, so I decided to just roll with it. So if I ever have a post that I really want to go “viral”…I’ll use #SpreadSTDS to make sure everyone is exposed to the new content.
  • My very first podcast was with Mark Boyle, the voice of the Indiana Pacers. Despite reading numerous times that you shouldn’t have a big name for your first podcast, I wanted to start with a bang, so I scheduled Mark for 6pm on a Sunday evening. I planned my day accordingly and was cooking a pot of spaghetti (I was definitely still single) when at 5pm I got a text from Mark saying “do you not need me anymore?” I was mortified. Did I screw up the very first podcast episode with an NBA broadcaster!? It took me a few minutes, but I eventually made the realization that Indianapolis was in the eastern time zone. I asked him to please bear with me as I broke every traffic law in existence on the way to my station news studio to record the episode. I was fortunate enough that Mark was extremely understanding, but I’ve double-checked the time zone of every guest since that point. Also, my spaghetti was cold when I got home.

Thanks again to everyone who frequently visits or occasionally looks at this site. It’s been two years, and I look forward to many more years of saying the damn score!  (But not spreading STDS)

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