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EP 059: Logan Anderson, Yankton, SD

posted by Logan Anderson March 1, 2018 0 comments
      EP 059: Logan Anderson, Yankton SD

We are switching this episode up and reversing roles! My friend John Thayer, the womens basketball voice of South Dakota, takes the reigns of the interview and talks with…me. Topics include:

  • How washing out as a college athlete led me to my sportscasting debut.
  • How a random relationship from my hometown led to my first job.
  • The unique balance of sales and sports.
  • A specific reference that led to my first feature broadcaster job.
  • The events that led to losing broadcast rights for Presentation College.
  • Picking up the pieces after we lost those rights.
  • Picking up the freelance broadcast position for my alma mater, Morningside College.
  • Calling my first NCAA DI game.
  • How an airplane ride from Salisbury, NC led to the creation of SayTheDamnScore.com.
  • The development of the Blueprint to Broadcast Success.
  • My philosophy on how to get better as a sportscaster.
  • The challenges of being a newlywed in the sportscasting industry.
  • Why I love college sports.
  • Witnessing greatness as it develops.
  • Broadcast horror stories.

And Much more!

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