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EP 046: Jeff Culhane, North Dakota State

posted by Logan Anderson August 31, 2017 0 comments
      EP 046 Jeff Culhane North Dakota State

This episode of the podcast features a conversation with Jeff Culhane, the voice of the North Dakota State Bison. Topics of discussion include:

  • Playing one-on-one with future NBA player Mike Miller as a high school freshman.
  • Working with Lane Grindle, the number three voice for the Brewers, when they were both just out of college.
  • How his daily process has and has not changed since joining NDSU.
  • His first time in  a broadcast booth at the age of 5.
  • Growing up in a radio family.
  • Playing college sports and how it helps as a broadcaster.
  • The importance of being versatile.
  • Working for the Husker Sports Network as a Nebraska fan.
  • How he got the attention of Chris Ferris and IMG.
  • Working with Bo Pelini and other potentially difficult coaches.
  • Making the move from FBS to FCS.
  • Following the legendary Scott Miller  at NDSU.
  • The importance of radio in rural areas.
  • Broadcast horror stories
  • And much more!

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