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Welcome to  Simply put, SayTheDamnScore is a website dedicated to the sports broadcast industry, as seen through my eyes as a growing sportscaster. I’m living the life and trying to scratch and claw my way to the top of the industry.

My name is Logan Anderson and I am a small-college sportscaster in rural South Dakota.  If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely seen my posts on social media, someone else told you about it, or maybe you just stumbled here randomly through the interwebs.  Either way, as this site is brand new, I want to go over what exactly this site is and why you should find it interesting.    The two main components of SayTheDamnScore are a blog and a podcast.

The Blog:  The blog will be about three things:

  1. My journey to becoming a better broadcaster.  This could be ideas for improvement, self-critiques, thoughts on other sportscasters, or thoughts on current events in the sportscasting world, or my personal philosophies of what makes a good sportscast.
  2. Sportscasting stories.  This is a business where the unexpected is the norm.  We all have stories of horrible road trips, leading scorers with names that rhyme with sex organs, crazy final drives, and fans doing.— well — fanatical things.  These stories deserve to see the light of day with an audience that appreciates them!
  3. Whatever else I feel like talking about that day.  I might have an opinion on the latest trade, rankings snub, or pop culture event and reserve the right to occasionally break format and talk about what moves me at the moment.

The Podcast:

While the blog is mostly about me, my journey, and my opinions, the podcast will be all about other broadcasters.  I will have biweekly conversations with other sportscasters. We’ll exchange war stories and talk about the industry. The podcast will feature talent from all levels, from NCAA and professional voices to those covering small-market high schools sports.  Everybody has a story to tell and the podcast is just an avenue for sportscasters to tell their stories and for others to enjoy them.

Finally, I want to be interactive.  I’m not 100 percent sure what this site will turn into or what it can be, but it will be nothing without sportscasters interested in the content being posted.  For this reason, I encourage comments in the comment thread, emails, suggestions, and discussion.  There are many people far more knowledgeable than myself in the industry and it would be a disservice to the followers of this page not to offer a range and variety of views.  Once again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you make it a regular occurrence!  Oh yeah, the next time you’re on the air, SAY THE DAMN SCORE!

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