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Announcer Alterations #5: Brian Wheeler-Portland Trailblazers

posted by Logan Anderson February 19, 2016 0 comments

Part of becoming a great broadcaster is having a great vocabulary and finding ways to vary your verbs and nouns. That is why a regular feature on this site will be “Announcer Alterations” where we take short clip of pre-existing play-by-play synced to video and come up with five different ways to call the same sequence of events.

Today we rearrange Portland Trailblazers play-by-play announcer Brian Wheeler’s call of the famous Damian Lillard buzzer beater vs Houston.

Here is the original verbiage: Howard is defending Aldridge. In case the Blazers go for two, to their best player, Howard is defending him. Batum throws to Lillard, a three for the game…..BAAAAAANG!!!!!!!

Here are five different ways to call the same play:

Howard is defending Aldridge to protect the paint. Batum to inbound. Lillard runs off a screen towards the inbounder. Catches it high on the left wing, launches from deep for the win…..NYLON!

Howard trying to deny Aldridge inside and force someone else to win this one. Batum the trigger man. Lillard gets free off a pick. Receives it deep left, fires a three for it all….. BUCKETS!

Howard taking on Aldridge, Lillard their best shooter setting up on the right wing. Batum to enter it in. Lillard breaks free left side behind the curve. Gets the ball and mails one up for three….. AND DELIVERS!!!!

Howard battling Aldridge for position. Batum to initiate things. Everyone else bunched on the far side. Lillard slips away off a screen. Catches left side way beyond the arc. Heaves it at the horn…. BULLSEYE!

Howard, the best defender for Houston is guarding Aldridge, trying to deny their top scorer. Batum the catalyst. Lillard cuts to the ball catches it high left. Heaves one to the heavens……AND ANGELS SING STRING MUSIC!

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