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EP 145: Larry Costigan, Producer For Westwood One & Editorial Consultant For CBS

posted by Logan Anderson July 21, 2022 0 comments
Larry Costigan, Westwood One & CBS

My conversation with one of the top radio producers in the country. Larry Costigan was formerly the coordinating producer for Westwood One Sports and is currently a freelance producer and editorial consultant for CBS. Topics of discussion include:

  • How an internship at Seton Hall started his professional career.
  • Making the decision to pursue a career behind the scenes instead of on the mic.
  • Fusing creativity into his producing style.
  • How to be organized during a chaotic and unpredictable live sporting event.
  • Who decides what storylines are discussed during a game on national radio.
  • What happens in a Westwood One production meeting.
  • The biggest adjustment moving from radio to TV in a behind the scenes roll.
  • Climbing the ladder from intern to coordinating producer.
  • The things about sports broadcasting that bring joy to his life.
  • Dealing with and bouncing back from being laid off during the Covid 19 shutdown.
  • What broadcasters can do to work smoothly with producers.
  • Adapting his production to fit announcer strengths.
  • Announcer traits that are frustrating to work with as a producer.
  • Producing golf on the radio, particularly at The Masters.
  • His favorite broadcast horror story from his career.

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