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EP 076: Little Broadcast Booth Of Horrors Part II

posted by Logan Anderson October 25, 2018 0 comments
      EP 076 Little Broadcast Booth Of Horrors Part II

It’s time to go back to The Little Broadcast Booth of Horrors! In this episode I compile some of the best broadcast horror stories from the history of the show and combine them with a few of my personal tales from the booth. If you missed Part 1 of The Little Broadcast Booth of Horrors, feel free to go back and check it out. This episode includes:

  • Bob Costas of NBC talks about getting pink eye during the Sochi Olympics.
  • Adam Amin of ESPN tells the story of misidentifying Fred Taylor in the crowd during his son’s high school football game.
  • Toby Rowland, the voice of the Oklahoma Sooners, talks about crediting a key pick six to a player who didn’t exist.
  • Traug Keller, Senior Vice President of ESPN, tells the story of having a cow taking a bathroom break in the studio during Mike & Mike.
  • Dave Snell, the voice of the Bradley Braves, tells the story of calling a game in a booth filled with pigeons and pigeon leavings.
  • Donny Baarns of the Omaha Storm Chasers tells his story of a horrible road trip that finished with a strange man banging on his hotel door at 6am.
  • Larry Weir, the voice of Eastern Washington, talks about getting pegged in the face by a stray Subway sandwich during his broadcast.
  • Joe Davis, the TV voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, tells the story of an opening day broadcast where everything went wrong at a brand new ballpark.
  • Steve Cotton, the voice of Marshall, tells the story of using an on air name and the confusion it caused.

And much more!

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