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EP 146: Sam Neidermann, Stony Brook University & Westwood One Sports

posted by Logan Anderson August 4, 2022 1 Comment
Sam Neidermann

This show starts out with a tribute to Vin Scully with clips from Joe Davis, Tom Boman, and Bob Costas. We then get into our feature interview with Sam Niedermann. He’s the voice of Stony Brook University and made his network debut last year for Westwood One. Topics of discussion include:

  • Choosing to go to school at Alabama before transferring to Indiana.
  • The value of taking speech classes in high school to develop his broadcasting ability.
  • The value of being a performer as a broadcaster.
  • We debate the merits of legendary old time SEC announcers. Why I think they are overrated and why he loves them.
  • We then discuss regional styles and the variety of ways to develop a style.
  • The influence of working with Eli Gold.
  • ¬† Being a student of the craft and studying other broadcasters.
  • His experience in the Cape Cod League.
  • ¬†Graduating in 2020 when sports were shut down but landing a D1 job anyway.
  • Being part of a team that made a documentary about the Stony Brook baseball team that made the College World Series.
  • His self evaluation process and what he listens for from other great broadcasters.
  • His knack for describing the small things in the periphery of a game that lead to a rich broadcast.
  • Getting his break as a national broadcaster with Westwood One Sports.
  • Dealing with jealousy within the industry.
  • The aspects of broadcasting that brings him joy.
  • His dream job.
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • Being a Cracker Barrel aficionado.
  • His favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.
  • His preparation process and spotting board system.
  • Having a strong memory for nerdy sports details.

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