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EP 083: John Sadak, Westwood One & CBS Sports

posted by Logan Anderson January 31, 2019 0 comments
      EP 083 John Sadak Westwood One CBS

In this episode we visit with John Sadak of Westwood One and CBS Sports. Topics of discussion include:

  • Switching his focus from pursuing a degree in astrophysics to broadcasting.
  • Drawing lines to balance work and family life.
  • The difficulty of giving up a great MiLB position because of six words his daughter said.
  • The early breaks that helped him start his career.
  • Plotting his career arc and saving all of his old rejection letters.
  • How a friends business failure led to his first big break covering Princeton in the Ivy League.
  • Stories of travel on icy roads in the northeast.
  • Calling games to an Ivy League audience.
  • How he reached the network level.
  • Calling the Penn State vs Nebraska football game during the Jerry Sandusky scandal.
  • The feedback system at Westwood One.
  • The influence of Howie Rose growing up and finding mentors in the business.
  • Feeling insecure about his craft despite reaching an extremely high level.
  • How does the city of Scranton feel about “The Office.”
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • His favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.

And much more!

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