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EP 121: Tim Healey, Arizona State

posted by Logan Anderson July 2, 2020 0 comments
Tim Healey, Arizona State

In this episode I chat with Tim Healey, the radio voice of the Arizona State Sun Devils in football, basketball, and baseball. Topics of discussion include:

  • What he’s doing to stay sharp as a play-by-play broadcaster during the pandemic.
  • Why he walks 4.2 miles on his regular walks to honor former Sun Devil Pat Tillman.
  • How a daydream as an 8th grader inspired him to become a sportscaster.
  • The one thing he regrets about his career path.
  • Not doing play-by-play until he was in his 40’s.
  • The influence of legendary broadcaster Ray Scott on his career.
  • The unusual path of starting as a play-by-play broadcaster on TV before going into radio.
  • Why moving from TV to radio didn’t require a pay cut.
  • The anatomy of his famous “Jael Marry” call.
  • Calling a walk off balk.
  • His view of a famous CWS game being different than mine.
  • Suffering through a scary bout with temporary amnesia.
  • The memorable things that have been hiding behind ASU’s famous curtain of distraction and how he incorporates it into his broadcasts.
  • Getting confused for other Tim Healey’s in the media.
  • His broadcast horror stories.

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