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EP 137: What’s Important & How To Measure Sportscasting Success

posted by Logan Anderson January 27, 2022 1 Comment

This episode is guest-less. Instead I share how personal tragedy has forced some deep soul searching into what matters most in my life and career. In this episode I share what we went through the last year and why I needed a break from the show. I look deeply into the things I love about the industry and how to maximize them. On the flipside, I’ve identified the specific parts of the business that bring stress and anxiety and am working to eliminate them. There will be some changes to the podcast going forward and I share what those will be and how the show will be different. To everyone who waited patiently while I worked through a difficult time, thank you so much! It means the world to me.

Logan Anderson- Host of the Say The Damn Score Podcast

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1 Comment

Ex Sportscaster September 11, 2023 at 1:09 am

As a former sportscaster and a dad of a small child I loved this episode. So sorry for what happened to you, but I think you figured things out.And I hope your wife and you get the chance to be parents again!


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