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EP 079: Howie Rose, New York Mets

posted by Logan Anderson December 6, 2018 0 comments
      EP 079 Howie Rose NY Mets
In this episode I chat with Howie Rose, the radio voice of the New York Mets. Topics of discussion include:
  • Starting the Marv Albert Fan Club at 13 years old.
  • Choosing Queens College over other educational opportunities.
  • Why he doesn’t read very many sports books.
  • Getting reps as a young broadcaster in the biggest and most unforgiving media market in the country.
  • Working for the now extinct “Sports Phone” service.
  • Why he never considered leaving the New York media market and why he probably should have.
  • How his relationship with Marv Albert led to getting NHL fill in opportunities.
  • Reflecting on the famous “Matteau, Matteau, Matteau” goal call during the New York Rangers Stanley Cup run.
  • The challenge of identifying goal scorers in hockey.
  • Parlaying his career momentum into picking up the New York Mets and New York Islanders jobs.
  • Covering bad teams well.
  • What he did during the full season NHL lockout canceling the 04-05 season.
  • Why he gave up the Islanders job to focus on the Mets.
  • How he kept his marriage healthy despite a hectic broadcast schedule.
  • What it was like working on the ground floor for the nation’s first all sports station, WFAN.
  • He shares what it was like working with Mike & The Mad Dog.
  • The biggest difference between sports talk now and when it started in the 80’s.
  • Which Mets founding announcer had a greater impact on his style.
  • Going through an emergency airplane landing in Detroit due to a health scare.
  • How he came up with his catch phrase “put it in the books” that he uses after every Mets win.
  • The process of writing a book.
  • His biggest broadcast horror story.
  • His favorite announcer in each of the four main sports.

And much more!

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