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EP 053: Sean Aronson, St. Paul Saints

posted by Logan Anderson December 7, 2017 0 comments
      EP 053: Sean Aronson, St Paul Saints

This episode features my conversation with the longtime voice of the St. Paul Saints and host of the Voice Behind the Voice Podcast, Sean Aronson:

  • What minor league baseball tasks are done during the winter?
  • How he learned to do the sales side of the job?
  • How calling a high school baseball game from a shed helped him get the wheels in motion towards a baseball internship.
  • How working harder than others at a non broadcasting internship led him to his first real innings as a broadcaster.
  • Why he moved from an affiliated league job in Florida to an independent league job in Minnesota.
    The importance of the lineage of a job when making a decision.
  • Why he’s stayed with the St. Paul Saints for over a decade.
  • Turning down a $75k job to stay in sportscasting.
  • Favorite unique promotions including the world’s largest game of twister.
  • How his internship experience shapes the way he looks at the responsibilities of own interns.
  • Why he once slept on the training table at the ball park.
  • What he keeps in the booth to eat healthy with a hectic schedule.
  • The importance of getting away during the offseason to have great life experiences.
  • Why Bill Murray accused him of not doing his homework.
  • What it meant to him when he won the 2016 Ballpark Digest Broadcaster of the Year.
  • Why he named the St. Paul Saints press box after himself.
  • The time he stayed in the hotel where numerous members of the team got bedbugs.
  • Why he doesn’t consider himself a Minnesotan.
  • The most rewarding part about hosting his own podcast.
  • Who his favorite guest among all the big names has been.
  • His prep process.
  • What he still does to get better.

And much more!

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