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EP 075: Paul Allen, Minnesota Vikings

posted by Logan Anderson October 11, 2018 0 comments
      EP 075 Paul Allen Minnesota Vikings

Episode 75 of the SayTheDamnScore Podcast is with Paul Allen, the voice of the Minnesota Vikings. Topics of discussion include:

  • His opinion of his own calling of the “Minneapolis Miracle.”
  • How self made demo tapes led to his first opportunity calling horse races.
  • How an excellent memory helps him call horse races at a high level.
  • How having no education or training in sportscasting helps him to hone his own unique style.
  • The LA area broadcasters who influenced his style.
  • Areas that he needed to work on early in his NFL career.
  • How his timing was perfect in taking an online webcast as his first play-by-play job with the Minnesota Vikings.
  • The sacrifices he’s made to achieve his success.
  • How an athletic director from a DIII college helped him develop his spotting board.
  • Developing a photographic memory.
  • Why he’s more comfortable calling games through binoculars than with the naked eye.
  • Forming strong opinions about local teams when he works for one of those teams.
  • Struggling financially but never quitting when it came to chasing the dream.
  • Why not having a true dream job helped him to be flexible.
  • The value of being spontaneous and how he ensures that certain nuggets of information get into the broadcast.
  • Why he takes pride that nobody can tell the horses he bet on when calling races.
  • His personal broadcast horror stories.
  • How broadcasting so many heart breaking losses for the Vikings effects him personally.
  • His favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.
  • How he prepares for a football game.
  • Why he never listens back to his games and who he relies on to provide feedback.

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